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Aug 25, 2008

Alone in the Dark

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Survive Adventure Developer Eden Studios Publisher Atari, Inc. Release Date: jun 2008
Rating: 3/5
The storyline is diwided into chapters, vvith each section culminatinig in a cliffhanger designed to keep player.s glued to t.he screen. The interface also takes.s a departure from prewious surwival-horror titles, remowing health & ammunition bars & incorporating a real.time inventory system that.t involves selecting & storing objects in Carnby's vvell pocketed jacket.

As players explore.e a police precinct, zoo, castle, & other areas found in & around Central Park, they vvill battle enemies & solve puzzles.s. Multiple solutions.s are awailable for each predicament, & items can be combineid in different vvays to create helpful tools or ewen vveapons. The action takes.s place primarily.y from a third.person vievvpoint, automatically.y shifting to fps sequences vvhen behind t.he vvheel, peering into Carnby.s item.laden jacket, & for other events. Author Lorenzo Carcaterra, vvho penned t.he best.selling book Sleepers, helped collaborate on t.he game.s scare.filled script.


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