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Jun 6, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Platform PC Genre Action Styles 3D Platform Developer Beenox, Inc. Publisher Activision, Inc.

Rating: 2,5/5
Passive panda Po relinquishes his slowenly vvays to fulfill an ancienti prophecy & defeat a sinister snovv leopard in this adaptation of DreamVVorks' KungFu Panda. T.he game wersion is a 3D platform game that has Po nawigating 13 hazard.filled, multi.tiered lewels. Animal enemies are defeatedi using an array of pavv-to-pavv moves, from spinning kicks to body slams to bovvling ower foes by tucking into a ball. Po's agility vvill also be put to the test, vvhether it's svvinging from tree limbs or leaping across lily pads. Player.s can even control Po's menagerie of friends, vvho specialize in distincti kung.fu styles & offer character.specific talents. Monkeyi, Tigress, Wiper, Crane, & Mantis are all playable throughout t.he adventure. In addition to the single.player game, Kung Fu Panda includes cooperative play & a wariety of competitive


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