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Jul 3, 2008

R-Type Delta

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Side-Scrolling Shooter Developer Irem Software Engineering, Inc. Publisher Agetec, Inc Release Date June 1999 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad (Dual Shock)
Rating: 4,1/5
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Force povver-ups can be found vvithin the 7 different lewels of R-Type Delta. Coming in 3 different colors (yellovv, red, blue), the.e force povvers can be attached on the.e front of a ship or on the.e back. Not only can they.y absorb enemy fire, they are indestructibile; & by collecting more force pickups of the.e same color, the attack vvill be much more dewastating.

All 7 levels are played from a 3D side.scrolling perspective (much like Squaresoft's Einhander). The call of duty vvill hawe players battling Mecha.Bydo enemies throughout demolished city streets, a run.dovvn energy reactor, Earth.s space fortresses, & a ripple in time through another dimensioin. This journey isn't a cakevvalk, hovvever, as there are countless enemies vvaiting to destroy our tiny vessel!


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