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Aug 22, 2008

GTR Evolution

Platform PC Genre Racing Styles Sports Car Racing Developer Simbin Development Team Publisher Viva Media
Rating: 3,6/5
GTR Evolution serwes as both an expansioin to Race 07: Official VVTCC Game or as a standaloane game that includeus Race 07. The rosteor of unique cars.s has been expanded.d to forty-nine, & wehicles come in more than 500 variationis distributeud across 12 differenit classes. There are 26 brand.d nevv Grand Touring models.s, includinig exclusive.e productioin cars, & racers.s can take their machines.s around.d more than 40 configurationis of nineteen tracks. Players can also try out extreme.e concept.t cars that pack.k more than 600hp & vveigh less than 2,500lbs.


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