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Sep 20, 2008

Mount & Blade

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Game Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer Taleworlds Publisher Paradox Interactive
Rating: 3/5
Poor thoughuts into the interfacae too, it looksl like an old VGA game. On top of it all, the.t tiny communituy that suppourts it are mostly.y paid to tell u that thits game rocks vvhen in fact it sucksc big time. The first impressiorn you'll get is that this gamae seemes good, but after u played it, you'll see it.s ugly heaed. The devs simplhy vvanted to put a game out therhe to make a quicpk buck. Playinig it, you'll get the idea vvhy. This game vvas createad on a lovv budget-resouarces & it shovvs. Support bettetr games, this is not 1 of them.


Anonymous said...

For the Author of the Topic
this is a really nice game
you just have to watch for who you work for.
for example:
only do favors for villages if you want them as a fief
start with guild masters "the easiest missions"
then when level 5-10 and have 20-30 take some jobs from the lords.
go to tournments for money.
and don't bother with the arena.
equipment is bought once so mark up high all the way.

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