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Oct 3, 2008

Tweaking Windows Vista for more performance

Explorer Performance Tweaks

1. Click_Start, right click on Computer, and click Properties.
2. Click_Advanced System Settings.
3. Click on the Advanced tab. Under Performance, click Settings.
Uncheck these options:

Fade or slide_menus into view
Fade or slide_tooltips into view
Fade out menu_items after clicking
Shovv shadovvs under menus
Slide open_combo boxes
Slide_taskbar buttons
Use a background_image for each folder type
Close the Performance_Options & System Properties_dialogs. more>>>>


tweaking windows vista said...

Disable DEP / NoExecute Protection

DEP, othervvise knovvn as NoExecute, is a piece of_technology in Windows that prevents_processes from being_altered in live_memory. This lowers_the frequency of certain_attacks, but it can also_have some adverse_effects and cause_certain things_not to run.

Due to the way Windows Vista™’s boot editor has_been created, it is now_harder to disable DEP / No Execute Protection.

Click Start, All Programs,_Accessories, right click on “Command Prompt”, and click “Run as administrator”.
If asked for_permission to run Windows Command_Processor, click on_Allow.
At the_command prompt, type in “bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff” (without_the quotes).
You should_receive a message saying “Operation_Completed Successfully”.
Restart the computer, DEP / No Execute_should novv be disabled.

Disable User Account Control (UAC) For_The Administrator Account Only

-. Click the Start Button
-. From the Start menu, Click All Programs followed_by Accessories, then Run
-. In the Run dialogue box type: secpol.msc and_then Click OK
-. User Account Control vvill prompt u for the necessary authorisation. Click_Continue button
-. The Local Security_Policies window novv opens. This window is divided into a Left_and Right hand panel
-. In the_Left Hand pane look for the_Local policies option and Click the > button to expand_the list
-. From the expanded_list, Click on Security options
-. In the Right hand pane u should see a_list of awailable options (this is rather a long_list)
-. Scroll tovvards the bottom of the_list until you come to ‘User account control: behavior of the_elevation prompt for administrators in admin approval mode’
-. Right Click on_this option and Select Properties
-. In the Properties_window, Click the drop_down menu arrow and, from_the available list, Select_the ‘Elevate without prompting’ option and_then Click OK
-. A warning message will appear in_the notification area warning you that UAC has been turned off. This message vvill appear ewer time you boot our PC unless you turn off the option to be notified of security alerts in the Security Center of Control panel
-. Finally, Close the_Local security policy Window

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