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Feb 1, 2008

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Genre: Role-Playing Styles: First-Person Action RPG Developer: Yosemite Entertainment Publisher: Sierra Studios Release Date: 98

PC game / Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire is an adventure RPG, the fifth in the highly successful Quest For Glory series by Lori Cole and Corey Cole.

The King of Silmaria has been assassinated and the kingdom is in trouble as vicious creatures roam the once peaceful land. You, being the valiant hero you are, are sent to Silmaria by old magician friend Erastus to investigate. Upon arriving, you discover a new king is being chosen through the "Rite of Rulership" and, of course, must participate! The rite, however, is wrought with dangerous quests and not surprisingly there's an assassin creeping around trying to pick off the five candidates for the position. To make matters worse, someone has unleashed the horrible dragon which, until this day, has been magically imprisoned.

This title has kept some of the basic fundamental similarities which binds all of the Quest for Glory games together. Players are able to choose from three basic character types: the burly fighter, the magical magician or the lithe thief. Although the basic game remains the same, each class has a different way of approaching situations as well as scenarios unique to each. In addition to the three basic classes, a character can be imported from previous Quest for Glory games (sans equipment) to become "The Paladin," the mightiest of heroes. download game rapidshare megaupload http sendspace megashares torrent

Jan 30, 2008

the Sims: Castaway Stories

Genre Simulation Styles Life Development Sim Developer Maxis Publisher EA Games

PC game / Sims: Castaway Stories lets gamers experience the traditional challenge of developing characters with the added twist of doing so while stranded on an uncharted tropical island. The linear Story Mode takes players through 24 chapters as they help their Sims adjust to a new way of life. Along the way players can befriend the native islanders, battle wolves, adopt an orangutan, and discover the island's many secrets. The traditional Free Play Mode lets gamers design and shelter their Sims, and explore the island at leisure looking for romance and adventure.

Jan 29, 2008

CellFactor: Revolution

Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Artificial Studios, Inc. Publisher SouthPeak Interactive

PC game / CellFactor: Revolution is an action-packed first-person shooter.

Jan 27, 2008

Napoleon's Campaigns

Genre:Strategy Developer: AGE Studio year:07

PC game / The largest most beautiful Napoleonic Europe map ever, with unequalled look and detail levels like dioramas ;
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