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Feb 7, 2008

the Spiderwick Chronicles

Genre: Action Styles: Action Adventure Developer: Stormfront Studios Publisher: Sierra Entertainment, Inc. Release Date February 5, 2008

PC game / A hidden world of "fantastical creatures" is revealed in this adaptation of the best-selling book series and 2008 movie from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Films. After opening a dusty tome written by his great, great uncle, young Jared Grace suddenly becomes privy to a world filled with goblins, sprites, "brownies," and more. The family soon finds themselves in perilous danger when an ogre named Mulgarath learns of the fabled book and vows to stop at nothing to acquire it. The video game adaptation closely follows the events of the film. Players will switch between multiple characters to take advantage of each individual's special abilities while exploring 3D environments and battling Mulgarath's insidious army. The Spiderwick Chronicles is veteran developer Stormfront Studios' first game since 2006's Eragon. download rapidshare reloaded megashares megaupload torrent

Feb 6, 2008

Conflict: Denied Ops

Genre Shooter Styles Squad-Based Shooter Developer Pivotal Games Ltd. Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date: February 12, 2008

PC game / Though the action is primarily handled like a first-person shooter, players can instantly alternate between both characters to take advantage of their individual skills, provide covering fire, or set up an enemy-shredding fusillade. A variety of different weapons allow players to approach the game in the manner they see fit, like using silenced weapons and Graves' sniper skills to maneuver quietly, or taking advantage of Lang's arsenal of heavy machinery to blow enemies to bits. Gamers can also take control of armored personnel carriers, tanks, and hovercrafts, or call in air support from F-22 fighter jets and AH-64D Apache helicopters.

Hard to be a God

Genre Rpg Styles Role Playing, Adventure Release Date: 4th Qtr, 2008

PC game / Hard to Be a God is a role playing game with adventure and espionage elements based on a storyline of the novel with the same name by Strugatsky brothers.

Sins of a Solar Empire

Genre Strategy Styles Empire-Building Developer Ironclad Games Publisher Stardock Corporation Release Date February 5, 2008

PC game / Players who would rather stay honest may use the diplomacy system to compromise with their adversaries instead of gaining power through illicit actions. Aside from combat, gamers colonize planets and harness resources that can improve a variety of their faction's functions.

Feb 4, 2008

Around the World in 80 Days

PC game / Adventure game with outstanding storyline, beautiful animation and challenging puzzles
Extremely addictive gameplay with 81+ levels
High-quality colorful graphics and soundtrack
Bonus animated screensaver
Marvelous adaptation of the Jules Verne Victorian travelogue
Book a trip. It will be first class!
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