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What Wii games can I download to use with Dolphin Emulator?

I just downloaded Rayman Origins that came with the Dolphin Emulator and the game worked perfectly. I was wondering if there any other Wii games that I can download so I can play them using the Dolphin Emulator.


jack said...

I have softmodded wii

Heres few great wii games

New super mario bros
mario kart
Mario sports mix
mario party 8
donkey kong returns
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Resident evil 4
metroid trilogy
metroid other m

Post Owner said...

I am not looking to softmod my Nintendo Wii. I want to download a Wii game like I did with Rayman Origins and be able to play it on my PC using the Dolphin Emulator

Dave said...

Thats a good question.
New super mario bros from 2009 works great. I use keyboard.
I wanted to download Mario galaxy 2 but i am not sure if i would get problems regarding controls. Even if you have a joypad you might get problems. I read a few things people wrote on some pages and it became to difficult for me.

Post Owner said...

So I can download Mario Galaxy 2 and be able to play it using the Dolphin Emulator? For example I wanted to download Kirby's Epic Yarn but I noticed that some sources had it as PAL instead of NTSC. Does that matter or not?

Anonymous said...

did i tell u to softmod ur wii ?? Very Happy

I said which are good wii games to download

Anonymous said...

yes u can altho when i tried i got some problems :p
for your main question pretty much all wii games can be played afaik

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