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PC game releases - March 2009

PC Game Category Estimated Release
Empire: Total War
Strategy 03/03/2009
Watchmen: The End is Nigh Adventure 03/04/2009
Crysis Maximum Edition Simulation 03/10/2009
EVE Online Role-Playing 03/10/2009
Grey's Anatomy Action 03/10/2009
Tom Clancy's HAWX Action 03/17/2009
iFluid Action 03/13/2009
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising Strategy 03/13/2009
Merchants of Brooklyn Action 03/17/2009
Runes of Magic Role-Playing 03/19/2009
Wheelman Action 03/20/2009
The Last Remnant Role-Playing 03/20/2009
Officers Strategy 03/23/2009
DCS: Black Shark Simulation 03/24/2009
Wanted: Weapons of Fate Action 03/24/2009
Stormrise Strategy 03/24/2009
BattleForge Strategy 03/24/2009
Monsters vs. Aliens Action 03/24/2009
Gobliins 4 Action 03/27/2009
Cid the Dummy Action 03/27/2009
Return to Mysterious Island 2 Adventure 03/27/2009
War Leaders: Clash of Nations Strategy 03/28/2009
JUST CAUSE 2 Action 03/31/2009
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion Role-Playing 03/31/2009
Braid Classics/Puzzles 03/31/2009
Raven Squad: Hidden Dagger Strategy 03/31/2009
HIGHLANDER Action 03/31/2009
Dead Mountaineer's Hotel Adventure 03/31/2009


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