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Portal 2 Puzzle 2011

Total War: Shogun 2 Strategy 2011

Batman Arkham Asylum _Action 2009

Dragon Age Origins Rpg 2009

BC. Bad Company 2 _Shooter 2010

Street Fighter IV Fighting 2009

Fallout 3 Rpg 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Action 2009

Red Alert 2 Rts 2000

World of Warcraft Online Rpg 2004

Max Payne Action 2001

Just Cause 2 Action 2010

Baldur's Gate Strategy 1998

Strategy 1998

Metal Gear Solid Action 2000

Bioshock Shooter 2007

The Sims 3 Simulation 2009

Battlefield 1942 Shooter 2002

Company of Heroes Strategy 2006

Worms World Party Strategy 2001

Diablo II Rpg 2000

Beyond & Good Evil Action 2003


stangy3869 said...


Anonymous said...

I am looking desperate for a particular game, it should be one of the best of it's sort. It looks like Viewpoint, only far more detailed, better, big explosions, shooting sheeps, trains, etc... I just lost the name of it! But I do know that this game is not older than 2003 because that was the time I moved into another house.

Matthew Lawrence said...

GTA is the worst series of all time, for starters. Bioshock, MGS, Max Payne, Counterstrike, Company Of Heroes (did I say heroes? I meant murderers), WoW and Red Alert II are some of the worst games ever. New LIST! FFVIII, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Devil May Cry, Tekken 4, Mortal Kombat, Call Of Duty 2, Resident Evil 4, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Sonic The Hedgehog! That's a much better list, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

and wat about populous the beginning.....

Anonymous said...


WTF DO YOU MEAN GTA, Bioshock, MGS, Max Payne, Counterstrike, Company Of Heroes, WoW and Red Alert II are worst.FFVIII SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is half-life?

Anonymous said...

Diablo 2 is there, and its much better than the first one

Anonymous said...

are u blind?

Anonymous said...

This list is pretty weak but it is very hard to please many PC gamers with a list since its very subjective. I'll admit that I just found out about this site by accident and used this list as a gauge on how much I would like the site (which may not be fair). While I don't agree with many of the games in this list, its more the games that are missing that bothers me. The fact that you don't have a single Valve game in the list is very disheartening....

Jimmu said...

Can Zelda get a little love?

Anonymous said...

Baldur's gate 1,2
Planscape torment
Fallout 2

Lukx159 said...

Sry... But you cant count the best of all time ! you didint play all of the games where is Diablo, Half-life, Assasins Creed

Anonymous said...

where is Quake?

Anonymous said...

gta san andreas everyone had played it,it should be the best game of all times

Anonymous said...

prince of persia

Anonymous said...

where is civilization IV ???

Anonymous said...

where is Mafia ?

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