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Oct 17, 2009

Thief Deadly Shadows

Pc Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Action Adventure Developer Ion Storm Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date May 25, 2004 Controls Keyboard /Mouse
Rating: 85/100
Thief III is one of those annoying games which, while fun to play, could (Adventure) have been truly excellent if some (Adventure) glaring faults were fixed. The first of these (Adventure) is that the range of tools (Adventure) available as a thief is a huge step (Thief III) backwards from Thief 2 . Rope arrows (Adventure) are gone, and the climbing gloves that take their place are barely used. The blackjack is now (Adventure) only minimally functional, which is particularly irritating.

The hub system for the city, and (Adventure) the idea of allying with the hammerites and pagans were good, but (Adventure) again more could ahve been done with them, as (Adventure) they ultimately have little impact on the game.

The story is reasonably engaging, and (Thief III) there is the odd excellent level like the Shalebridge Cradle, which does (Adventure) make up for a few shortcomings.

Overall it's a still a fun game, but a bit (Adventure) disappointing for fans of the series.


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