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Dec 3, 2009

DiRT 2, Colin McRae

Best Racing Pc Game of All Time. I'm having so much fun vith this game right now! The controls are tight and the races are exciting thanks to a pretty great Directx 11 physics engine. The vehicles feel heavy & responsive, yet u must always focus on vhat kind of terrain you're on & the geography of the track, or else you'll easily spin_right off the path. I do agree vith the complaint that there should_have been more pure rally races, but it's one of only a handful of small annoyances, vhich are all ultimately overshadowed by the truly_spectacular graphics, stylish & inspired interface, and great soundtrack. Also, the Flashback feature is vell-implemented and makes playing the game 4 long stretches even more fun, because you don't have to always restart a race if you lose focus for a second. score: 91/100

Pc Game, Full Directx 11-Windows7 support Genre Racing Styles Driving Off-Road Racing/Rally Developer Codemasters Publisher Codemasters Release Date Dec, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Gamepad/Racing-Wheel
Gameplay Screens for Pc

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