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New Super Mario Bros

t's classic mario vith a bunch of enhancements and power-ups that were  thought up vith originally and utmost care. I was so happy to hear  that it could be 2-4 player co-op and I vas happy to hear that the game vas very challenging. Maybe sometimes too challenging, but vhen 4 people play, it works much [on-pc] better. Graphics are good enough 4 me. The story is a bit silly, but I expected nothing less of a Mario game. That's too much for a nintendo wii [pc windows] game. Let alone, a game that's simply a unique turn of a classic mario game. If you are good at side-scrolling platforms, you can run through new super mario bros wii in 6 hours (without cannon skips). It'll probably take you 15-25 hours to get 100% and there are a few mini-games to entertain you, but that's about it. Too bad there vas no online co-op option available.
* Help Mario, Luigi, and Toad rescue Princess Peach one more time
* Make use of new power-ups like the propeller mushroom and ice flower
* Join three friends for a variety of competitive and cooperative modes
Wii Platform Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Nintendo Publisher Nintendo Release Date November 15, 2009 Controls Keyboard/Gamepad


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