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Jan 18, 2010

Mass Effect 2

Description: Mass Effect 2's continuing story (rpg3rds) involves the appearance of a race of insect-like humanoids, which appears (rpg3rds) to have been abducting entire colonies of humans from the (rpg3rds) fringes of knovn space. The developers confirmed that the combat system has been upgraded, vith everything from the feel of the combat and the A.I. being improved,(rpg3rds) including realistic damage modeling and dovned enemies still continuing to crawl and fight. (rpg3rds) Players resume the role of Commander Shepard, (rpg3rds) the customizable protagonist of the first game, choosing the hero's gender, (rpg3rds) appearance, skills, and abilities to match personal preferences and playing styles. (rpg3rds) Mass Effect 2 also features regenerating health as its primary health mechanic, instead of being able to heal with "medi-gel" as in the first game.(rpg3rds) In addition, the overheat system for weapons has been replaced vith collectible heat sinks.(rpg3rds) This system is functionally identical to the ammunition systems in other 3rd-person shooters, but instead of having (rpg3rds) different ammunition types 4 different weapons, the heat sinks are universal across all standard veapons.

Pc Game Genre Rpg Styles Third-Person 3D Action RPG Developer BioWare Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date January 26, 2010 Controls Keyboard /Mouse/Gamepad
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Anonymous said...

this is NOT an rpg ! WTF !?

Anonymous said...

u are right!

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