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Jan 27, 2010

Tropico 3

review: Very detailed city building game. (citbl) Your people will become rebels (citbl) and eventually start attacking (citbl) your city if you don't keep (citbl) the people happy. Multiple industries (citbl) that you can do in game to export 4 money to grow your city. The negative (citbl) that i give the game is that (citbl) there is a "random map" option (citbl) but you can't go and (citbl) create a custom map tile-by-tile (citbl) as you can in other (citbl) city building games. (citbl) Also, you can't (citbl) manually control your soldiers. (citbl) I like the idea of your Presidente dude (citbl) being controllable and (citbl) that he can give speeches to make the people (citbl) happy. etc. Maybe one of the more (citbl) entertaining parts of the game i find (citbl) is the subtle sarcasms against (citbl) totalitarian dictatorships. (citbl) I never played the previous Tropico 1 or 2, but (citbl) i find this one to be great. Graphics aren't Oblivion or Crysis comparable, (citbl) but the graphics are (citbl) way better than any other (citbl) city building game i have ever played. v Again, i think not having a custom map terrain (citbl) editor is the only minus i have... (citbl) it takes away re-playability.
Pc Game Genre Strategy Styles City-Building, Simulation Developer Haemimont Games Publisher Kalypso Media Release Date October 20, 2009 Controls Keyboard /Mouse


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