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Feb 8, 2010

Blaster Master (classic game)

review: This game is great. a true classic. Innovative, creative, challenging, definitely in my The Best "SIDE SCROLLING GAMES" list.  score: 90/100

Gameplay: Gameplay in Blaster Master depends on [2dshooter] the situation and location of the player. The game has 2 modes of [2dshooter] gameplay. The first mode is where the player controls [2dshooter] SOPHIA in a two–dimensional [2dshooter] platform mode; the second mode is where the [2dshooter] player controls Jason while outside SOPHIA in [2dshooter] either the same 2D platform mode or in a top-down [2dshooter] perspective. The player switches [2dshooter] between these modes by entering small doorways [2dshooter] located throughout the game. [2dshooter] Gameplay in the top-down perspective consists of a [2dshooter] series of labyrinths [2dshooter] in which players navigate and defeat enemies [2dshooter] along the way. Gameplay is non-linear, [2dshooter] meaning that players must returnto [2dshooter] previous levels in order to advance to higher levels in the game.

Game Details:
Platform: PC/Nes
Genre: Shooter
Styles: Side Scrolling 2D Platform Shooter
Release: November 1988


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