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Feb 14, 2010

Deus Ex (pc game year: 2000)

The graphics in this game are great. It could have used a lot more work though.

Here's what I hated about it (the CONs are what you really need to know, right?)

1.)The enemy AI.... I walked in front of some guard and he shot at me. I ran inside an office and hid on the other side of a desk. "Hmmm...must have been a rat?"

Go figure.

2.)You and your brother Paul have that Euro trash style outfit with a terrible mono-tone voice. I thought I was in chemistry class all over again.

3.)The guns are a joke. No shooting through walls or doors. The pistol is the most powerful and easy to use. So the SMGs and the sniper rifle ... and make learning other weapons a waste.

4.)The AUGs should be automatic. You can't think to manually power them on and off at the right time while swimming or in gun fights.

5.)It's a futuristic ripoff of the X-Files.

It would've been great if those above were fixed in a part 2 or something. If they'd add a FEAR factor in the game it would be even better. Once you're pumped up like the terminator, I don't see some rent-a-cop sticking around to fight you.


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