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Mar 21, 2010

the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

review: This is one of those few games that (damsel in distress) truly say is a masterpiece. Everything (make that great) about this game felt perfect. Taking the formula from perfect predecessor, (Longtime Nintendo composer Koji Kondo) "The Legend of Zelda" on NES, and improved just about everything on its (traps and puzzles) SNES continuation. Even though the story (the greatest games) takes place before the first NES game.

The graphics is coloured and beautiful with some (graphics and sounds show excellent) effects on the cut scenes and power spells.
You can't choose the difficult level, (Princess Zelda and 7 other maidens) but it's difficult to hang in the game, (but still solid) the time spending playing is about 15-20 hours.
If you like the first Zelda, and you've (sword and shield) being disappointed of the second episode, this one will satisfy you!

Game Details:
Platform: Snes/ Playable on PC
Genre: Rpg
Styles: 2D Action RPG
Release: Apr 13, 1992


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