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May 26, 2010


review: The graphics are good they (creators of Project Gotham Racing) are not the greatest graphics but the gameplay is what does it (kart-style racing) 4 Blur since this game is more of an arcade game the graphics (real-life licensed automobiles) look the best 4 an "arcade" game the maps are beautiful...

Sound: you have that catchy arcade music (electronica and house music) that you cannot get sick of the power up sound (blend of piano) the car sound you crashing into other cars is perfect.

Gameplay: i use to be into racing games (realistic cars and tracks) when i was younger when there was nfs hot pursuit (including split-screen racing) let me tell you something this game gave my passion back ("Shunt," "Shock," "Barge," and "Nitro) in a racing game it is perfect so much fun (city streets) i havent had fun with a racing game ever since 5 or more years (real-life sports car) ago...there is nothing to be fixed gameplay wise its one of the (in good kart-racing) funnest games you will ever play.

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows
Genre: Racing
Styles: Sports Car Racing
Developer:Bizarre Creations
Release: May 25, 2010
Controls: Gameplay, Keyboard/Mouse


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