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Nov 9, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops (First-Person Shooter - November 9, 2010) & System Specs3

review: Game is excellent. You will not be disappointed as a Cod fan. (Wield more than 50 weapons) Both the single player and the multiplayer have fixed everything we have complained about in the previous instillation. Though the graphics sometimes are not up to par to the previous (MW2) game, the over the top game play, new additions to online-multi, (take on friends, AI bots, and zombies in more than a dozen multiplayer modes) and fantastic new modes deliver a game we have been dying for.

Game Details:
Platform: PC game
Genre: Shooter
Styles: First-Person Shooter
Mode(s): Single-player and Multiplayer-Online
Developer: Treyarch Invention
Publisher: Activision
Release: November 9, 2010
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse
Language: English

Minimum System Requirements
- Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7;
- Processor Intel Core Duo E6600/AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better;
- 2 GB of RAM;
- 12 GB of free hard disk space;
- Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT/ATI Radeon X1950 Pro or better wit
256 MB of graphics memory with support for Shader 3.0;
- Sound card;
- Device for reading DVD;
- Keyboard and mouse


Anonymous said...

this game is lame.

graphics on pc are from 2003 ... nothing improved since there : total non interactivity : try to shoot the lights ,nothing happens, look how BAD are the doors designed, how AWEFUL the textures are.

Scenario/story : pro american unrealistic and political, for me it's not worth it.

Scripts everywhere, LINEAR like always, Boring ... this game is a shame...

Anonymous said...

i have 4gb ram aprox total memory 2254 hd ati 5430 core i3 can i play thisse game

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