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Nov 14, 2010

Classic PC RPGs from past to present

Fallout New Vegas
This game is absolutely excellent, Fallout: New Vegas takes vvhat everyone loved about Fallout 3 and added more features such as the customizable weapons and ammo, factions with their (take on the more realistic "Hardcore" mode) own reputation and a brand new story with multiple endings.

Odin Sphere
Its strengths are its gameplay (five playable characters), the music & sound in the game is very good. Odin Sphere is very original in many aspects (unique attacks and spells) and a very odd game, which is a good thing, its different and I like that.

Mass Effect 2
The story is fantastic. (gritty adventure) Playing 20 hours in I almost felt bad for every extra minute I put in because (alien threat) I knew it put me closer to the end.

Dragon Age: Origins
The game has a deep and beautiful story (includes more than 100 spells) with awesome NPC variety and lots of dialogue.

The graphics are great, the gameplay engrossing. Seriously addictive.

Soul Blazer
This game is a classic among classics. (battle six bosses) The story line is intriguing and game play is just that much more fun.

Fallout Trilogy - 3 Pack Compilation
Great games.

The Witcher
This Polish dark fantasy is refreshing with (wield steel and silver blades) its engaging and choice driven story, nuances in game mechanics, and unique identity.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
This is luscious in terms of graphics and sound. The landscapes are wonderful and richly detailed.(sword and shield) The music is simply awe-inspiring. The dungeons themes are enchanting.

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door
Paper Mario: The thousand year door is an awesome game! (use Mario's paper abilities to fold himself into a paper airplane) The music and replay value arent to good, but it is definantly made up by the great gameplay, cute graphics, characters, and story.


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4 of the 10 games aren't even PC games...

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