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Jan 13, 2011

Dead Space 2 PC Review Scores

Based on 8 critics - Overal Score: 86 / 100

GameInfo: Dead Space 2 is a sci-fi survival-horror adventure game. Game available in a limited edition package in addition to the standard edition, which will include many extra features. Game probably same like on consoles. Multiplayer will likely be peer 2 peer, probably no anti cheat.

Critic Reviews for PC

Critic Score

AusGamers: "Space, the final frontier... for horror. Dead Space 2 has set a new benchmark for horror, action and even science-fiction; expanding upon the original in every way conceivable. From the intense opening sequence that sees series protagonist, Isaac Clarke, escaping from a mental facility; arms wrapped and held in a straight-jacket while avoiding a seemingly endless outbreak of Necromorphs, Dead Space 2 never lets up. Not for a single minute." Read Full Review
97/100 Survival horror games have had a tough period lately, with all the major contenders turning up with uninspiring sequels. Horror has just not been scary off late. Dead Space 2 brings a solid jump-start to the genre this year. Read Full Review
90/100 Leading Irish gaming website writes "Dead Space was without doubt one of the best games of this current generation, the low budget meant that they had to exploit every trick in the book to create a game in which the fear of what was coming was far more terrifying than anything they could have produced on screen. The creepy dark corridors created an atmosphere of claustrophobic panic and the brilliant use of surround sound really made a game that was very uncomfortable to play. In fact I didn’t really enjoy it until I finished it and knew I was safe!" Read Full Review

PC Gamer: The “Previously, on Dead Space” video is a nice touch, though it reminds me how similar Dead Space 2’s premise and gameplay are to the last one. This time Isaac Clarke awakens on a facility on Saturn’s moon Titan, three years after the rescue-mission-gone-awry on the mining ship Ishimura, and finds a very familiar situation: Titan is overrun with space zombies called Necromorphs that have set about the meticulous dismemberment of everyone in sight—and he’s still having hallucinations of his dead girlfriend. Read Full Review

Game Revolution: "Missteps aside, Dead Space 2 has some of the most beautiful art and sound design ever in a game, and for that reason alone it deserves your attention." Read Full Review
87/100 "The end sequence in Dead Space hinted for a sequel and now after waiting for three long years, Dead Space 2 comes out to continue the epic tale of Isaac Clarke. Did EA incorporated anything new in the sequel new for the loyal fans of the franchise? and Is it worth spending our hard earned money on it? Lets find out." Read Full Review

bit-tech: The idea of a human team trying to overcome a Necromorph team and complete an objective as quickly as possible is technically sound, if a little uninspired. We would have preferred a co-op campaign or swarm mode, although Dead Space 2’s multiplayer mode is still likely to attract a hardcore following in time.

There’s no denying, however, that Dead Space 2 as a whole is a hugely enjoyable game. It faces a problem in that it’s being billed primarily as a psychological horror when it’s actually much closer to an action-thriller, but it’s such a well-made one (barring a few minor niggles and camera issues) that this isn’t really a problem for very long. Read Full Review

RandomProdInc: When Dead Space came out in 2008 it was crushed under critical appraisal for the title. It was heralded as a return to true survival horror gameplay. So with the sequel coming out a little over a month ago, what’s changed and did Dead Space get even better? Read Full Review



Rivet Gun Gameplay

Game Trailer


- Battle soulless Necromorph monsters in a sci-fi setting
- Creepy atmosphere, dynamic audio, gruesome action
- Designed by the creators of the original Dead Space

System Specs

- OS: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7
- CPU: 2.8 GHz processor or equivalent (any Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or better, AMD Athlon64 3000+ or better, any Athlon64 X2 or Core Duo processor)
- RAM: 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista or Win7) or more
- DISC DRIVE: 8x speed or faster CD/DVD drive
- HARD DRIVE: At least 10 GB of free space
- VIDEO: 256 MB Video Card and Shader Model 3.0 required. NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better (7300, 7600 GS, and 8500 are below minimum system requirements) ATI X1600 Pro or better (X1300, X1300 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements)
- SOUND: Direct 9.0c compatible sound card

Game Maps

"Escape" (on the Ishimura)
"Solar Array"
"Titan Mines"

Tips and Tricks

Anti aliasing
The PC version of DS1 had lots of settings, including AA, but it's this kind of wack edge-detect AA that they had to use because of the engine's deferred rendering. don't expect the AA to look like it does in, say, HL2.

Save Files
You can find your save files under /mydocuments/electronic arts/dead space

Hardcore Mode
Only 3 saves in the game this is going to be a hard trophy achievement to get.

Rivet Gun Unlock Code
The code does not give you the Rivet gun for MP, only SP.

Retail Box Install game:
put disk 1 back in run the auto.ext again
click play
after that enter serial
then the game works

Game Weapons:
Top: Plasma Cutter
Right: Flamethrower/Ripper/Line Gun
Left: Contact Beam
Bottom: Pulse Rifle/Seeker Rifle



List of the Dead Space 2 Achievements and Trophies

Mission Impossible 50
Complete the game on Zealot setting

Romper Stomper 25
Stomp 10 Containers

Vacuum Cleaner 30
Decompress 20 Necromorphs without getting sucked out yourself

Made Us Whole 10
Complete the game on any difficulty setting

Frozen in Time 10
Kill 50 Necromorphs while they are in Stasis (single player only)

First Aid 10
Use Quick Heal ten times (single player only)

Epic Dismemberment 50
Dismember 2,500 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)

…And Stay Down 10
Kill 25 crawling enemies with Stomp (single player only)

Think Fast 15
Kill 30 Necromorphs with Kinesis objects

The Nanny 10
Kill 30 Crawlers without detonating them

C-Section 10
Knock down an enemy with Contact Beam Alt-Fire then kill it with Primary Fire before it stands up

Going for Distance 20
Impale an enemy and make him fly through the air for 17 meters – it must stick to the surface

Taste of your own Medicine 20
TK Impale a live Slasher to a surface using a Slasher’s arm – it must stick to the surface

It’s a Trap! 20
Kill 20 enemies with Detonator Mines in a deployed state

Necro Flambé 10
Kill 50 enemies using the Flamethrower

Peek a Boo! 20
Kill a Stalker with the Seeker Rifle while in Zoom Mode

Brute Juke 10
Kill a Brute without taking damage

Shoot the Limbs! 10
Dismember 25 Necromorph Limbs (single player only)

Bouncing Betty 10
Kill a Cyst by catching its Mine and throwing it back

Skewered in Space 15
Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out

Hard to the Core 50
Complete the game on Hard Core setting

Clean Cut 10
Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only)

Lawnmower Man 10
Kill 4 enemies with the same Ripper blade

Fully Loaded 50
Simultaneously have four completely upgraded weapons

The Sampler Platter 20
Kill a Necromorph with every Weapon in the game (single player only).

Lightspeed de Milo 10
Dismember the Lightspeed Boy Statue

Looking good 10
Purchase the Advanced Suit

Fully Outfitted 30
Upgrade your RIG and Stasis completely

Picking favorites 30
Upgrade 1 Weapon completely

The Engineer 10
Collect 10 Schematics

My Boom Stick 20
Kill 6 enemies at once with Line Gun’s Alt-Fire (single player only)

Shock Therapy 10
Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use its Alt-Fire to shock 3 others (single player only)

Collect Peng 20
Find the Peng treasure

The Librarian 10
Collect 100 logs

The Electrician 10
Collect 10 Semiconductors

Secret Achievements 50


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