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Tropico 4

In Tropico 4, you will find yourself again in the role of the lordpresident, the tyrannical (or friendly), the ruler of a paradise islandin the tropics. All actions that you predpriymite will determine thefuture of your people and their attitude towards you. In the game youwill find 20 missions in 10 maps, 20 new buildings, including the stockexchange, shopping and entertainment center, water park and themausoleum of El Presidente, as well as integration with Facebook andTwitter. This allows you to leave comments on Twitter directly from thegame and automatically update them when you pass a mission or get a newachievement. You can even take screenshots of the island, put them onhis Facebook page Tropico 4 and compare interactive rating dictator withonline leader boards.

The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles Game (Expansion Pack, Simulation)


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