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Mar 6, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Reviews and more

Based on 8 critics - Overal Score: 91 / 100

GameInfo: Mass Effect 3 is a Role-playing Game (RPG) / Third-Person Shooter hybrid set in a Science Fiction universe. Mass Effect 3 is the third game in the popular Mass Effect series, and is rumored to be the final installment. In it players continue the adventures of Commander Shepard utilizing extreme character customization which is the hallmark feature of the series. Additional features include: the ability to import decisions from both of the previous games into the new game, ownership/play of previous games not required, customizable weapons, improved mobility and melee combat, many returning characters (if they were not killed off in previous imported games), an improved cover system that allows for more action and more.

Critic Score

GameSpy When we reviewed Mass Effect for the Xbox 360, we were so thoroughly entertained by BioWare's rich storytelling and the lovingly crafted sci-fi setting that we hailed it as one of the greatest role-playing games ever made. The highly anticipated PC version has arrived, and now a whole new crop of gamers will be able to sail the vast oceans of deepest space, encounter terrible villains and save the universe in an epic tale that shouldn't be missed.

Mass Effect transports you to a not-too-distant future where mankind has discovered technologies that have catapulted it into space. Aliens have been working together or waging bitter wars for many years, and humanity has been quick to begin colonizing different planets, visit distant star systems, and make a name for itself in the galaxy. Read Full Review

Atomic Gamer Nearly all of the game's plots and subplots lead up to a major confrontation that is so closely tied to your accomplishments as Commander Shepard that it's hard to compare this game to nearly anything else. Read Full Review

GamerFuzion Mass Effect 3 is a more polished game that gives all different types of gamers options on how to play the game. With the 3 game modes, online mode, hijacking atlas, weapons system, import of customization make a rewarding and satisfying game to play. Read Full Review
Escapist I don't want to spoil anything about Mass Effect 3 for you, so all you really need to know is this: Yes. Yes, you should get it. Yes, it lives up to the hype. Yes, it's the ending the series deserves. Yes, it's an incredible adventure that will terrify you, make you laugh, and more than likely move you to tears more than once. And yes, that character you care about comes back. Read Full Review 90/100

HardGame2The low time of wait, has been worth it. We are faced with a title that cares the history, which is very important. Perhaps not involve any kind of revolution, but nobody needs it. We talk about the role and good, which always accompanies the name BioWare. To emphasize once again the importance of the screenplay, creating a whole new world, with life itself. Mass Effect is, to all intents and purposes, a new candidate for Game of the Year, on its own merits.

It can be a breath of fresh air in a world that thrives on simple stories, settings and worn. It is, to say the least, a title that must be playing with time, exploring the vast and immense universe that has been developed for the occasion. Read Full Review

GamesRadar We waited a long time for the PC version, and here it is at last: Mass Effect is an awesome space epic in which you, as an elite above-the-law agent known as a Specter, must prevent - what else? - the destruction of all life in the galaxy. With action-packed gameplay, excellent art design, and cinematic flare, BioWare has successfully created a universe as believable and fully realized as Star Wars or Star Trek. In fact, you could (but don't need to) spend hours just reading up on the back-stories of all of the characters, alien races, and the history that sets the stage for the events of the game. Read Full Review

EGM Part of what’s made Mass Effect so amazing as a series is how much the direct choices you make as a player not only affect you in game, but beyond. And the concluding chapter in this tremendous trilogy doesn’t let up at all in that regard, as choices made in the first two games come back to reward or haunt you in unforeseen ways as you continue to fight against the Reapers. Read Full Review

Eurogamer Given that Kristan wrote a three-page review of the Xbox 360 version back in November, and the PC version is basically identical, I'm left with a whole review to dwell on the important questions about Mass Effect.

For instance, why did BioWare model its adorably rubbish Mako ground-attack truck on early-eighties toy Big Trak: the Fully Programmable Electronic Vehicle? Almost everything about Mass Effect can be explained with a little thought (Why is the combat a bit shonky? They haven't had a crack at an action game since MDK2. Why is it so talky? Well, it's a BioWare game, innit. Why do you have to buy stuff from the bloke in the basement of your ship rather than just court-martialling the little dipstick? Because BioWare cannot resist the tropes of the RPG genre). But the Big Trak homage is completely inexplicable. Perhaps Big Trak is worshipped as a totemic creature in Edmonton? Perhaps Greg and Ray were always denied one as kids and decided Mass Effect would be their late Christmas? Perhaps they were aiming for a Halo Warthog clone and just missed?" Read Full Review



Genre: Role-Playing
Style: Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Themes: Spacefaring, Futuristic Warfare
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Developer: BioWare Corp.
Publisher: Electronic Arts


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