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Apr 5, 2012

Death Road Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics - Overal Score: 70 / 100

GameInfo: Death Road is an incredibly dynamic and strongly addictive racing game taking place in distant future. Players compete, using futuristic vehicles on specially designed tracks, armed with a wide array of lethal weapons ranging from standard laser guns to rocket launchers. There are not only prepared an entire single player campaign but also a number of different modes for everyone to enjoy. Game will contains single player campaign, 6 quick race game types and will let the player race with friends in multiplayer mode. Throughout the game our players will be awarded with special achievements for epic feats. Summing up, Death Road is a perfect game for all those who enjoy dynamic, spectacular and immensely satisfying game play. This game is an arcade racer with shooting abilities.

Critic Score

Dealspwn Death Road is sensationally fast, packed with content and looks gorgeous in motion. The visceral sense of speed is astounding, but sadly, an otherwise excellent arcade racer is let down by disappointingly blinkered track design. We hope that Active Zone Group will release some new, larger and more imaginative courses down the line. Read Full Review


System Requirements
Windows Xp, Windows Vista or Windows 7
RAM: 2 GB (Windows 7)
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 200 series or ATI
Radeon HD 4870 or better.


Genre : Action, Racing
Publisher : Active Zone Group
Developer : Blobber Team
Language : English
Release : March 30, 2012


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