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Apr 13, 2012

Legend of Grimrock Reviews and more

Based on 7 critics - Overal Score: 86 / 100

GameInfo: Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawling role playing game with an oldschool heart but a modern execution. A group of prisoners are sentenced to certain death by exiling them to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes they may or may not have committed. Unbeknownst to their captivators, the mountain is riddled with ancient tunnels, dungeons and tombs built by crumbled civilizations long perished now. If they ever wish to see daylight again and reclaim their freedom the ragtag group of prisoners must form a team and descend through the mountain, level by level.

The game brings back the oldschool challenge with highly tactical real-time combat and grid-based movement, devious hidden switches and secrets as well as deadly traps and horrible monsters. Legend of Grimrock puts an emphasis on puzzles and exploration and the wits and perception of the player are more important tools than even the sharpest of swords could be. And if you are a hardened dungeon crawling veteran and you crave an extra challenge, you can arm yourself with a stack of grid paper and turn on the Oldschool Mode which disables the luxury of the automap! Are you ready to venture forth and unravel the mysteries of Mount Grimrock?

Critic Score

PixelPerfectGaming Dungeon crawler fans can finally rejoice. Developer Almost Human Games has released a game that is true to the dungeon crawler genre. The Legend of Grimrock takes us back to a more innocent time in gaming where games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, The Bards Tale and the Wizardry series dominated the market.

During this time, role-playing games were about exploring dark dungeons, killing creatures, collecting items and killing boss creatures that inhabit dark hallways. This was before role-playing games made the transition to 3D and became repetitive first-person shooters with no soul. Read Full Review

BoG The Legend of Grimrock is a spiritual follow-up of past dungeon-crawlers. BoG thinks it is more than just a nostalgia trip. Read Full Review

IGM If Almost Human’s Legend of Grimrock is a love-letter to 1987′s seminal Dungeon Master, then Dungeon Master might want to consider getting a restraining order worked out, because Grimrock knows exactly what DM did last summer, and has proposed wearing DM‘s skin in order to be closer to it. Read Full Review

Gamingtrend Dungeon Master, Wizardry, Eye of the Beholder, the mere mention of these iconic series can take a long time PC gamer back to the days when they would break out their graphing paper, fire up their PC, and spend hours exploring and mapping out a fictional world. Time has passed since then and thanks to Moore’s Law PCs are more powerful now and games are much more open and advanced, the Dungeon Crawling genre has been passed by. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any room for a Dungeon Crawler in today’s market and the “alleged” four man team at Almost Human Games is out to prove it. I say alleged four man team because I find it hard to believe that just four guys were able to create a game as deep and impressive as Legend of Grimrock. Read Full Review

BeefJack Don’t let its stately pace and clunky combat fool you – Legend of Grimrock is a masterwork at the peak of its genre, even if that genre is a long-dead one. Read Full Review

Blistered For $15.00, and being DRM free, Legend of Grimrock is a nostalgic throwback and Almost Human should get credit for the job well done in recapturing the magic of the 1980s. That said, the game may not be for everyone. The slower pace and emphasis on puzzle solving may actually turn off a few players from the experience, so it may be worth looking at videos or a possible demo before you buy the product. But rest assured, this is one dungeon that is worth traversing in the end, even if it is a one time adventure. Read Full Review

The Digital Fix The world spins, our skin grows saggy, our hair turns grey and then one day we wake up and the face of gaming has changed beyond recognition. Barely able to distinguish between films and games, having to worry about our moral decisions for fear of repercussions, controlling our avatars with every limb of our body - this is not the future, it's today and it is scary.

New development house Almost Human may have heard our harrowing plea. The world they have created in The Legend of Grimrock is tiled, statistical and harks back to simpler and, dare I say, nerdier times. Read Full Review


System Requirements

OS:Windows XP Service Pack 3
Processor:Dual Core 2GHz Intel or 2.8GHz AMD
Memory:2 GB RAM
Graphics:ATI Radeon X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or better (512MB graphics memory or more. Shader Model 3.0 needs to be supported). Minimum supported resolutions 1280x720 and 1024x768.
Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible

OS:Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor:Quad Core 2.66GHz Intel or 3.2GHz AMD
Memory:4 GB RAM
Graphics:ATI Radeon HD 2900 or NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or better (512MB graphics memory or more. Shader Model 3.0 needs to be supported)
Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
Sound:DirectX 9.0c compatible


Genre: Adventure, RPG, Indie
Developer: Almost Human Games
Publisher: Almost Human Games
Release Date: 11 Apr 2012


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its very good game its like dungion master but allot better

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