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Apr 17, 2012

Naval War: Arctic Circle Reviews and more

Based on 4 critics - Overal Score: 57 / 100

GameInfo: Strategic and tactical battles for world domination on, under and above the open sea. Take command of the contemporary navies and air forces of all the powers in the North Atlantic region to defeat your enemies.

Naval War: Arctic Circle is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game where the player battles enemy naval and aerial forces for power and ultimate world domination. The game includes real units from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Russia, the Scandinavian countries and others. The game play takes place along the Norwegian and British coast, through Iceland and Greenland all the way to the North Americas and the North West Passage.

Naval War: Arctic Circle has two full campaigns along with skirmish missions and online competitive play. Ultimately, Naval War: Arctic Circle tells a story about a power struggle for control of the world’s resources and supply lines in the Polar Regions.

Critic Score

Leviathyn Catering to a different demographic of RTS fan, Naval War attempts to bring near real life naval military simulation to gamers. You won't find a game with more intense details and battle situations. Your strategies and decisions really mean something here. Read Full Review

ChronoGamers Naval War Arctic Circle, or NWAC is a war simulator. An interesting, fancy one. There’s a huge difference between war simulators and games that focus on war. To me, the distinction is that a simulator pay attention to reality, while the majority of games tend to focus on the player’s experience. The thing about simulators is they do exactly what the name says. Almost everything in a good sim is something that you’d see or do in real life. And in the real world, everything can be effected by a small detail, just like everything can affect small details. Of course, that doesn’t mean simulators can’t be fun. And Naval War Arctic Circle is absolutely a fun one. Read Full Review

Strategy Informer When we were looking at this game at the preview stage, we said that its strength was that it did exactly what it said on the tin – it was a Naval Warfare game (with sim) elements, set In the arctic circle, and that’s exactly what it is. We found it rather amusing then that we spent just as much time (and sometimes more time) fiddling with aircraft and dealing with aerial combat as we did with ships. In fact, now that we think about it, the only ‘ships’ that ever got to see any action were the subs. It’s oddities like this that really define Naval War: Arctic Circle. Read Full Review

NXTGamer Naval War: Arctic Circle was obviously designed lovers of naval war sims, but most players will be put off by the sterile interface, lack of any inspiring art direction, and slow-moving gameplay. This one is strictly for the anoraks alone, and should otherwise be avoided. Read Full Review



Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Release Date: 10 Apr 2012


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