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Apr 23, 2012

Risen 2: Dark Waters Reviews

Based on 6 critics - Overal Score: 75 / 100  

GameInfo: - Risen 2 : Dark Waters begins in the harbor city of Caldera. The last vestiges of the Inquisition gathered in the fortress of crystal and are still trying to fight against the Titans. Unfortunately, sea monsters cause inconvenience and boats that were supposed to deliver major equipments are lost to the sea. The main character is the hero of the first Risen. However, he is now a broken man without illusions who turned to alcohol. He wears a patch over one eye that hides the Inquisitor monocle, obtained at the end of Risen. The game begins with Carlos (known from Risen) who asks the hero to help a ship that sank off the coast of the island. Among the survivors, there is another old friend: Patty. She is always in search of her father, the famous pirate Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard, and rumor says he has found a way to sail the seas safely. They decide to team up to find him.

Critic Score

ZTGD I have always wanted to be a pirate; have my own ship and sail the seven seas, gathering treasure and booty while getting drunk out of my mind on rum. My dreams have come true after playing Risen 2: Dark Waters. So, grab your cutlass and your pirate hat. We’re going to go on a pirate RPG adventure. Read Full Review

Gamereactor UK It's a really weird game. When we saw it for the first time at last year's Gamescom, we had massive concerns. This is the kind of game able to break an audience in two. You can love or you can hate it, depending on the time dedicated to understanding the mechanics which are categorically different from every other RPG. Read Full Review

TheGamersHub It’s rare to see a fully fledged pirate game in the works. Yes there are ship simulators, point & click adventures, and your occasional platformer that have a pirate theme somewhere, but nothing where you can actually become a dirty, hard-working pirate with a big dusty beard. That is until a title like Risen comes into existence. The first game released back in 2009, and now its sequel, Risen 2: Dark Waters, hopes to improve upon its drunk predecessor, but it is the buried treasure people were looking for, or will it just sink to the bottom of a kraken filled ocean. Read Full Review

VGRevolution Overall, despite the slow pacing I had fun playing as a dirty thieving pirate. The combat mixes swords, guns and dirty tricks pretty nicely. Your sword is your main weapon but you can throw items or use guns as well. Guns do require ammo to use, but I found a good amount lying around to steal. You can also craft your own weapons if you put enough points in that category and have someone train you how to do so. If you ever wanted to be a pirate, then you’ll find Risen 2 really enjoyable. Read Full Review

Strategy Informer I do wonder if that ‘2’ in the title is meant to be said as ‘to’, like in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. So, “Risen To Dark Waters”. Sounds cool either way, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Risen isn’t the most highly regarded RPG around – and Dark Waters isn’t even the most anticipated third-person fantasy RPG sequel out this month (and the other’s already been out a year!). Still, Piranha Bytes has an ace up its sleeve, or rather a cutlass up its jacksey – pirates Read Full Review

IGN Known for crafting vast, detailed virtual worlds, developer Piranha Bytes has been making single-player open-world role-playing games for over a decade. Its Gothic series presented colossal explorable spaces and offered hardly any direction, challenging you to define your own journey through the world. Read Full Review



Genre Role-Playing
Style Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date Apr 24, 2012
Developer Piranha Bytes GmbH
Publisher Deep Silver


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