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May 25, 2012

Dirt Showdown Reviews

Based on 7 critics - Overal Score: 73 / 100

GameInfo: Race, crash and hoon your way through a world tour of motorised mayhem in DiRT Showdown! Crowd atmosphere, social gameplay and accessibility are all ramped up in this turbo- injected shot of driving delirium. Smash down the accelerator and earn the adulation of frenzied crowds at hyper-energised events at iconic locations. Trick, speed and smash your way to victory, then do it again.

 Use boost to blast past your rivals in races, unleash your inner hoonigan in huge freestyle, free-roaming stunt parks and see gaming’s most advanced damage engine pushed to its limits in devastating demolition derby events.
DiRT Showdown is also Codemasters’ most connected game ever - split-screen multiplayer, 8 player online racing, on and off-line quick-fire party games, Showdown challenges and YouTube integration all come as standard. Get your ticket for this stunning new world of accessible action-sports racing from the makers of the award-winning DiRT series.

Critic Score

TGH At first glance DiRT Showdown only has the DiRT motif and Ken Block in common with its prequels. Gone are the shiny cars (before they get all dirty), the simulation style driving and even the more refined stylistic sheen; in their place you’ll find rickety scrapheaps, arcade realism, and heaps of fireworks and flames. Read Full Review

Push-Start With the DiRT series, Codemasters took a big step in diversifying the rally genre to make it more approachable, and in turn it attracted quite a following. Coming to a head in DiRT 3 with the introduction of Gymkhana, this new gameplay style shook up the series for long-time fans, but acted in an attempt to attract new comers who may be after some more variety. This approach seems to have rubbed off on Codemasters however, as now they’ve split the series in two. We’ll have to wait a little while for DiRT 4, but in the mean time why not get down and dirty with DiRT Showdown, a brash, louder and more action packed racer. Traditional rally racing is nowhere to be found here, and while long-term fans may be a little perturbed by the lack of certain core features, does what’s been added make up for it? Is this a right step for Codemasters, or have the changes made for a broader audience harmed the franchis... Read Full Review

FanCensus Dirt Showdown is far from perfect, but does manage to deliver some of the most excitingly manic driving moments I’ve experienced in a game in quite some time. Whereas racers like the Forza, Dirt and Gran Turismo series are trying to find the perfect balance of simulation/accessibility, Showdown says screw it, throws you into a pit of roaring motors and commands you take no prisoners. This ride may be missing a few parts, but it’ll still give you a fast, electrifying drive nonetheless. Read Full Review

GamesRadar If DiRT 3 is an off-road game for the hardcore racing fan, DiRT Showdown is for everyone else. Automatic gears, forgiving handling and demolition derby races on lethal-looking figure-8 tracks make this a distinctly arcade-styled spinoff entry in the series. There's undoubtedly a gap in the market for a cutting-edge arcade racer, but if that gap is round, this game is a little hexagonal. It still fits, just with a slightly cross-threaded feeling. Read Full Review

Game Revolution Where DiRT 3 is a technical rally racer with arcade stylings, DiRT Showdown is more of an arcade rally racer that highlights collisions, nitro boost, pyrotechnic effects, and wanton destruction. Paying attention to turns and drifts still matters if you want to earn first place finishes, but all of the technical jargon is meant to step aside lest it be crushed by the wheels of a monster truck. Read Full Review

GamingLives Some games are far more difficult to pigeonhole than others and Dirt: Showdown is no exception. The latest offering from the newly re-branded Codemasters Racing takes a full leap in a new direction, effectively cutting ties with rallying and the Colin McRae heritage that spawned it. This may upset some fans of the historical series but it’s clear from the outset that this game is more about mixing it up than being an out and out racer, bearing more of a resemblance to Burnout Revenge than trying to be a rally version of Forza. Read Full Review

Gamereactor UK The game can be roughly divided into three types of competition, two of which have appeared previously in the series. Returning are rallycross-style races on closed courses, as well as the Gymkhana-derived Hoonigan events. For something new we have the straightforward destruction derbies; also the most entertaining part of the whole package. At least as multiplayer games. Read Full Review



Genre: Racing
Style: Rally/Off-Road Racing
Release Date: May 24, 2012
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters Software, Inc.

System Requirements: 

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 or Intel Pentium D @3.2Ghz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics: AMD HD2000 Series, Nvidia 8000 Series, Intel HD Graphics 2500, AMD Fusion A4
DirectX®: 11
Hard Drive: 15 GB HD space
Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection


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