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Jun 15, 2012

Iron Front Liberation 1944 Reviews

Based on 5 critics - Overal Score: 54 / 100  

GameInfo: Poland, the summer of 1944: the Red Army is preparing to deal the killing blow to the Wehrmacht - and you are right in the middle of it. As a German or Soviet front line soldier, it will be your skills and tactical finesse that will determine if you reach the military objectives.

Command your own troops, man authentic weaponry and take to the sky in deadly warplanes. Raging across huge battlefields on an unprecedented level of simulation, the heat of combat awaits you in the single player and multiplayer modes. This is where war shows its true face.

Critic Score

GND-Tech As the name indicates, it is set during WWII on the Eastern front. Both German and Soviet campaigns are playable, and the game takes you across Poland and Ukraine. Four maps are included which is quite a lot for a game of this size. Two of them are huge, easily on the same scale as the 164 km^2 "Takistan" Map found in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. To give you a better perspective, 164 km^2 is over 4x the size of Skyrim which is about 38 km2. Read Full Review

Solidus Gaming Iron Front: Liberation 1944 places you in the middle of the intense fighting on the Eastern Front in 1944, as either a Soviet soldier of a member of the Nazi warmachine. Iron Front is by no means your average brain dead run and gun shooter, it is an in depth military simulation featuring infantry combat, tank rushes and even dogfights. The game has been developed by the relatively unknown German company by the name of “X1 Software”, and published by Deep Silver. Is the experience worth the cost of admission? Read Full Review

Gamereactor UK You realize how interesting the tactical aspect of this game is, how it shouldn't be confused as an action title: every movement, every shot must be carefully evaluated. Read Full Review

Saving Content Excerpt: "Much like the engine’s forebearer – this game crashes A LOT. It either crashes to desktop or develops and unknown error. I had to install the game twice to get it running somewhat stable. That isn’t to speak to the game’s quality so much, as ArmA II was well known for it’s crashes. So here the problem carries on. This can be a huge turn-off to a gamer who has plunked down $30 to play a game, not troubleshoot it. Though, there’s also more good than bad news, the realistic approach that ArmA takes plus the authentic World War II weapons and vehicles finds a sweet spot in this game. With the graphics maxed out, you can see beautiful recreations of locations, vehicles, and weapons in stunning detail that no “mod” could provide. The only drawback in the realism or authenticity is the abilities your character provides. You might think you are just a foot soldier out to kill the German or Russian armies, you are actually a one-man army capable of driving any vehicle, shooting any weapon, and flying any plane. Now, capability and actual skill get quite far apart as I found myself crashing planes so often that I’m pretty sure I collapsed either side of the economy in an hour. Read Full Review

Gamedot All of this adds up to create a game whose enjoyments are reserved exclusively for people who know exactly what they’re buying... Read Full Review



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