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Jul 19, 2012

Quantum Conundrum Reviews

Based on 7 critics - Overal Score: 77 / 100  

GameInfo: When you, as a young boy, are dropped off to visit your uncle, you notice something’s wrong. First, he’s not there to greet you. Second, there’s the explosion that happened right as you arrived. And third, the house seems to be even weirder than you remembered it
. Now, your job is to find-and ultimately rescue-your uncle, by using his newest invention, the Interdimensional Shift Device (or IDS), to switch between dimensions and solve puzzles. That sofa too heavy to move? There’s a dimension for that! Switch to Fluffy Dimension and that sofa is now light as a feather. Need to get up to a high ledge? There’s a dimension for that! Just switch to Anti-Gravity Dimension and things begin to float upward. Need to make things heavier? There’s a dimension for th-well, you get the idea. Switch dimensions in real time, work your way through the crazy complex mansion wings and rescue your uncle!

Critic Score

ZTGD I sometimes wonder if there are dimensions parallel to our own, similar yet different in some fundamental way, operating outside of the boundaries of our understanding. Then I wonder what would happen if I could somehow access those dimensions, exploring the differences. Fortunately, Quantum Conundrum answers that question; I would use my ability to shift dimensions to solve some physics-based puzzles, and have a really good time doing it. Read Full Review

WGTC When we first heard that Kim Swift, the lead designer for Portal, was interested in making another puzzle platformer game, our interest was immediately piqued. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone on our staff who could claim that Portal was anything less than a massive step forward for the industry, and I’ve often wished for a bout of amnesia just so that I could revisit it without any previous knowledge regarding its contents. It’s unfortunate but, when Portal is the game you’re going to be compared against, the bar has been set at a level that is simply unattainable for most games. I don’t know how, and I’m not really sure I care, but Quantum Conundrum actually surpasses its beloved predecessor in some ways. Read Full Review

OnlySP Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A first-person puzzle game where you’re stuck within a laboratory and have to use a special device to progress from room to room, all the while a quirky character’s disembodies voice makes humorous remarks and observes your progress. Indeed, Square Enix and Airtight Games’ latest title Quantum Conundrum shares many similarities with the smash hit Portal. It even has the same lead designer, Kim Swift. The main difference, however, is that this title employs dimension-shifting mechanics for its puzzles. Will Quantum Conundrum give purpose and dimension to your life, or is truly a conundrum? Read on to find out. Read Full Review

Proven Gamer For game designers, I can imagine that a follow-up game is never easy. And it’s particularly harder when it is critically acclaimed and one that could be included in many discussions and arguments for “Greatest Game Ever”. So when I heard that a game was being made from one of the people that worked on the original Portal, of course my curiosity got the better of me. And the result is Quantum Conundrum, released from developers Airtight Games and publisher Square-Enix.Read Full Review

GameReactor It's a similar kettle of fish to Valve's genre defining title, but it's not the same. If you can bear this in mind when considering Quantum Conundrum, you'll probably be able to enjoy it. Kim Swift, the lead designer of Airtight Games' physics based puzzler, was one of the minds behind Valve's classic, Portal. It was a game that came out of nowhere, and quickly captured the hearts (and minds) of all those that took on its brain-melting challenge. Read Full Review

Edge Puzzle fatigue is a condition that will be familiar to anyone who plays firstperson puzzlers. It’s that brief sinking feeling you experience upon entering yet another new chamber – like showing up at the office to do a job you may enjoy but for the umpteenth day in a row, unable to shake the impression that it’s Monday morning and there’s no weekend imminent. Another batch of puzzle elements is shuffled into a fresh brain-stumping configuration; another locked exit door silently declares that you shall not pass. Despite being helmed by creative director Kim Swift, who served as project lead on the distinctly similar Portal, Quantum Conundrum is far from immune to this condition. In fact, it’s more susceptible, since puzzle fatigue doesn’t simply reset with each new entry in this genre but builds cumulatively from one title to the next. Read Full Review

Splitkick Quantum Conundrum is a game of small problems. Despite lofty ideas and huge promise, a thousand small cuts bleed my enthusiasm for this title. For every moment of fun, there was a microsecond of extreme frustration and it all begins with something as small and simple as its genre definition. Read on to find out. Read Full Review



Genre: Strategy, Platformer, Casual
Developer: Airtight Games
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Release Date: 21 Jun 2012


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