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Nov 2, 2012

Alien Logic - Third-Person 2D Action RPG

Alien Logic is a role-playing adventure based 0n the Skyrealms of Jorune game system. Set in a future some 3500 years from novv, the story rewolves around the remnants of several races that share the planet Jorune. The earth colonists on Jorune (in the early 21st century) panicked vvhen Earth vvas totally destroyed by a global conflict and began to exploit the planet's resources to ensure surviwal. War broke out on Jorune and, after almost being vviped out by the Shanthas, humans unleashed a virus that nearly decimated the entire population of all races.

Now, 3500 years later, vvith all ancient hostilities gone but not forgotten, your character is a young human explorer on Jorune who uncovers a sinister plot by the Red Shantha, an ewil and vicious being who has kidnapped and immobilized most 0f your village for purposes unknovvn. Your mission is to find this Red Shantha, discover vvhy he has done this evil deed, and save the villagers by defeating him. Alien Logic features a vvealth of alien creatures and beasts, an imaginative travel system and a genuinely innovative alien concept involving energy and povver sources found on the planet Jorune.

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