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Dec 7, 2012

Miasmata Review

Graphics: To start with, you should always keep in mind, that miasmata is an indie game, which was developed by only two (!) guys. And for an indie game it really looks awesome. Of course, many textures are not too detailed, and the animations are long not perfect, but it looks far better than other Indie games like minecraft or slender for example.

Story: You are the scientist Robert Hughes and are infected with a deadly plague, which will soon kill you.
You are stranded on an island called Eden and you are searching for a cure to safe your life. But unfortunately your colleagues, which were living on the island, searching for a cure, have disappeared. Now you have to survive and look for the cure yourself. But you are not alone on the island. Theres a creature out there chasing you and you don't know how to fight it... All in all the story is not too good, but for an indie game it is ok. And if you explore enough, you can find notes about your colleagues and their backstory, which gives the game an interesting touch. Of course the whole story is not stage-managed in any way and I missed scripted events or cutszenes. But that is just a minor issue.

Gameplay: Miasmata has an excellent and very innovative gameplay. It features very new and fresh elements like cartographing or researching plants. In addition, the character has some kind of momentum. That means, if you run down a hill, you start to struggle and fall down, which gives you a nice panic feeling, if you are chased by the beast. And this momentum works perfectly. I did not have any bugs or illogically moments yet. Miasmata also features an interesting beast AI and many strategies to survive a meeting with the beast, but it would ruin the game if I would tell you about them. It makes a lot of fun to try different strategies against the beast and you get a great rewarding feeling if you are successful.So to come to an end: Miasmata features a new and interesting gameplay focused on exploring and trying out things Conclusion: In my opinion, Miasmata is a must-buy for every survival action fan. It has great graphics, superb gameplay and a not too bad story. But I heard, that many people had proplems running the game properly. I did not have any problems running the game, so I did not include them in my review. And as far as I know, the developers are working hard on a solution for these problems.
Verdict: 80/100

Genre: Adventure
Style: First-Person Adventure
Release Date: November 28, 2012
Developer: IonFx Studios, LLC
Publisher: IonFx Studios, LLC


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