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Special Forces: Team X PC Review

This game currently has no equal or precedent on the PC. Multiplayer third person shooters are in short supply on our platform, and this not only fills that void, it does it greatly with style. It adds an interesting wrinkle with its interactive map remixing, but it is its combination of thoughtful cover-based tactical action and easy to get into arcade fun is its ace in the hole.

The action is smooth and quick, but thoughtful and it really encourages teamplay, the use of cover, and tactical thinking. It performs marvelously on the PC and the controls are buttery smooth and precise. The only downside are a couple of minor bugs, and the necessity of altering the config file to modify some options, but these complaints are minor and I'm confident they'll be addressed by patches. All in all this is the best game yet from Zombie Studios, and it is more than worth the $15 price.
Verdict: 80/100

Genre Shooter
Style Third-Person 3D Shooter
Release Date February 6, 2013
Developer Zombie Studios
Publisher Atari, Inc.
Flags Downloadable Release


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goood job

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