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Mar 7, 2013

Mass Effect 3: Citadel (DLC) Review

Well. This time Bioware DLC gives us a pretty unusual. Clearly an homage and a downright emotional farewell. With this DLC have about 3 hours secured many laughs and emotions. More then a new area of ​​the citadel that looks like a theme park on the amount of things you can do. I particularly liked the combat simulation. Very funny.

The story of the DLC? Entertaining, very entertaining. As. As I said before, a little usually comic style. The dialogues and situations are the most fun. the saga. Special mention to hesitate with the famous "I Should Go" Shepard says at the end of many conversations. I laughed a lot with that. There are a whole host of tributes and references to the whole saga. Just do not expect a deep plot affects the main plot style leviathan or anything. It has nothing to do with the principal. I would consider it a mini spinn-off. Also tell them that there is a pretty big sorpresón. Now the important thing is it worth it for the 15 worth? If you are a big fan and I loved the series as is my case worth. Two glasses you'll need to save but I assure you will not regret. History more entertaining and humorous situations more innovative extras that I keep quiet.
Verdict: 85/100 

Genre: Role-Playing
Release Date: Mar 5, 2013
Developer: BioWare
ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language


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