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Rolling Ronny Review

Collecting all the scattered goodies will see
Ronny through to the next stage.
Being the coolest dude in down is no easy task, especially when you're a roller staking clown with a big red nose. Will his City and Guilds in Pie-Throwing and Falling over help him catch the crooks who have stolen the Fieldington Crown Jewels?

Taking control of this erratic errand boy, you journey through nine levels of jumps, joystick jerks. platforms and pitfalls. The gangsters have thoughtfully left a trail of jewellry boxes for Ronny to retrieve, as long as he can cope with the malevolent motorists, roving red devils, bouncing balls and other assortment of odd characters in the big city. Ronny also needs to grab some cash to pay for hir; bus fare!

Many of the gem cases are located in near-suicidal locations far away from any stairs or windowsills to leap from. The final resort for these tricky pixel-perfect platform predicaments is to use the balloon that lifts Ronny onto the screen after losing a life and obtain the obstructive ornaments. Otherwise, you'll have to rely on Ronny's magic pockets which can store an array of useful gadgets from superjumps to powersneezes.

Apart from the parallaxscrolling clouds along the top four lines of the screen, the town backdrop is rather onedimensional and uninspired. Sprites are predictable and wimpy. The German and dinosaur sidekicks supplied by other stars of the video game screen?

There is just nothing here to fry your circuits. Sure, this game is packed with large levels but I just didn't discover anything interesting on my travels, such as secret rooms or really big boss sprites, to keep my enthusiasm pumping. Lacking the charm and excitement of the numerous platform romps and ravers already out there, I get the feeling Rolling Ronny will soon make his final appearance as a budget release. Not so much def as duff!
Verdict: 59/100
Armed with a red nose and rollerstkates, Ronny explores the 2D Levels.


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