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Jun 19, 2014

CT Special Forces 3 BioTerror Review

Attack patterns are simplistic but you'll be overwhelmed.
Hanging on for dear life? You'll learn the meaning of that - extra lives are like hen's teeth in this game.

Like the rest of the series CT3 is well presented, with solid, chunky sprites and detailed backgrounds. It's a generic side-scrolling shooter, requiring you to walk from left to right, dispatching bad guys. The levels are broken up with different modes of play - eg a sniper mode - and they're an entertaining distraction.

There's one huge flaw though. CT3 has no real save feature, requiring a password instead. Unfortunately, if you're starting a level with a minimal life count, your stock isn't replenished so progressing often means returning to an earlier level in an attempt to conserve lives for later on. This wouldn't be something to moan about if the game weren't so hard.

In all, a decent title that could have done with a couple of tweaks.
Verdict: 69/100
This vertically-scrolling shooter is a great diversion.


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