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Super Mario Kart Review

It's the balloon game! This is our favourite course - a great
combination of winding backstreets and scary open spaces.
When one's asked what the best game ever is, protocol dictates that the answer should be either Super Mario World or Street Fighter II. And, indeed, both these game scored 94%, the highest mark AllPCGame's ever given. But the thing is fine though these games are, we don't actually play them much in the Super Play office. So what do we play?

Mario Kart has been selling so well on import that its release date has been brought forward to December.
At its hearts is the ultimate driving game, combining stunning 3D graphics, cunningly designed and highly varied courses, a perfect 'driving feel', masses of depth, palenty of long-term challenge, lots of funny bits and, of course, Mario and chums.
Bowser Castle

But the feather in Mario Kart's cap, the icing on its cake, the bull in its china shop (er...) is the balloon game. This is simply the best two-player game ever. Each game only lasts a minute or two, but it's incredibly competitive, and you'll find it impossible to resist having another go. And another.
Combine this with the grand prix game and you've got the most essential purchase since, well, Super Mario World and Street Fighter II.

Verdict: One of the top three games on the Super Nintendo. Everything about it is absolutely spot on.


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