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Jan 21, 2015

Help with GTA 5

I installed GTA 5 Yesterday and got the game to work. However the game starts on the lowest available setting, and when i got to settings it shows I have only 512 mb vram(or graphics card ram) which is my internal card.

I have a dedicated 2GB graphics card that the game is not detecting. I have amd laptop configuration with amd processor with internal 512 mb graphics and amd hd graphics card with 2gb ram.
I have tried from the switchable graphics setting in catalyst control center to no use.When i try to monitor which card is in use in catalyst control center the gta V process it is not showing .


Anonymous said...

Which video card has the laptop?

Are you using the GTA V ready video drivers?

Topic Owner said...

My video card is AMD HD 8500m with 2GB Ram. Thats the problem,in the game ram showing is only 512 MB Which is the integrated graphics ram. My laptop is good one . It can handle Watchdogs on moderate setting without any lag. I hear GTA V is better optimised than that game. Yes i tried the optimised drivers

Anonymous said...

8500m, see the minimum spec's to run the game.
Also check reviews on your hardware.
I wouldn't expect any playability.
Maybe try uninstalling your integrated graphics driver.

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