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Fallout Series Spotlight (Fallout PC Games)

Fallout of love with the future

1 Fallout 2 (PC – 1998) No, that’s not Fulgore on the box. Fallout was set 84 years after the ugly end to the Resource Wars, and its fine sequel fast- forwarded another 80. Polished and expanded, but not dangerously different, it mirrored the original by dispatching the Vault Dweller’s descendant to save a settlement and lock horns with the predictably sinister Enclave.

2 Fallout Tactics (PC – 2001) No, that’s not Mewtwo on the box. Aussie studio Micro Forté tackled the first spin-off while Black Isle was deep in Icewind Dale. Tweaks and twists included Fallout’s first ever multiplayer modes, playable mutants, robots and ghouls, three flavours of turn-based fightin’, and a story shift from California to Chicago. The game did fine on its own terms, but couldn’t deliver the usual lorryload of Fallout freedom.

3 Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel (PS2, Xbox – 2004) If Fallout fans are in full agreement about anything, it’s that the series’ console debut ranks lowest on the post-holocaust pecking order. This swerve into Dark Alliance action game territory didn’t please fans or critics, and its retail tanking was a sad inevitability.

4 Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, 360 – 2008) The original Fallout 3 (code named Van Buren) fell out of the launch pipeline when Black Isle shut down in 2003. Undeterred, new rights holder Bethesda pursued its own first-person version. Edging the story east to Washington DC, this bleak beauty won awards but split the fanbase: it was modern enough, it was accomplished enough, but was it Fallout enough? Those who voted ‘nay’ were more likely to be swayed by the next one…

5 Fallout: New Vegas (PC, PS3, 360 – 2010) With Obsidian now involved, and fielding a team that featured Black Isle veterans, New Vegas took Bethesda’s Fallout 3 innovations (game engine and VATS targeting system) back to series basics: freedom, factions, quality writing and malleable morals. And a whole lot of bugs. Well, you can’t have everything, can you?


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