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Nov 10, 2015

Fallout 4 - Power Armor Information and Gameplay Images

Pitiful Armor
When you first leave Vault 111, you’ll be lucky if the blue jumpsuit you’re wearing protects you from a radroach bite. there’s all sorts of protective equipment and clothing to be found in the wastes, but serious survivors will want to invest in some power armor.

Real Steel
In previous games, power armor was just an outfit you equipped. one that offered great defence and took up a lot of inventory space, but not much beyond that. this time it’s a mechanical iron Man-style suit you step inside of. Better yet, the separate parts can be mixed and matched with other power armor models to your heart’s content, and modified for extra perks.

the SKY’S the liMi… oh
the jetpack is by far the best mod we saw. is there a videogame, or indeed a single part of everyday life, that isn’t improved with one? any concerns we had about this not being a truly new-gen fallout game shattered when we saw this mechanical beast take to the skies. Stuff that wearable pip-Boy,  why wasn’t this getup a pre-order bonus?

Gameplay Screenshots - Tested on GTX970 (Ultra Settings)

Power Armor

Game Rating: 88/100

Total PC sales so far: 2,150,000


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