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Nov 26, 2015

Scourge of War: Waterloo - PC Reviews & Gameplay Images

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Rating: 80/100

Rating: 75/100                                      

This game is not like Napoleon Total War especially concerning graphics. But it is a much deeper wargaming experience in its detail, scale and historical simulation. I enliken Scourge of War Waterloo with NTW in the same way I do with IL2 Sturmovik 1942 in regards to War Thunder.

SoWW is deeply satisfying to play if you enjoy the grand scheme of Napoleonic line battles. It can be adapted from casual to hardcore gamestyles -- HITS, Headquarters in the Saddle, being a unique feature. Be prepared to invest time in learning the game controls as this will repay you in greater satisfaction.

Now go and try your hand as Napoleon, Wellington or Blucher (or a score of other historical commanders)!

Rating: 85/100                                                                 
If you enjoy strategy wargaming you need this in your collection, it's as simple as that.

A game that strives for realism and historical accuracy, it may not be the prettiest, although it has a beauty all its own, it succeeds at simulating the experience of commanding troops on the battlefield.

A masterpiece.

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GamingRespawn +Attention to detail 80/100

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