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2016 PC Games only use 2GB of ram

A post-apocalyptic strategy game that shuts you in a small underground fortress with a family to control. As dust storms rage and the days whittle away, you must maintain your new home, gather supplies, and above all else, survive. Interact with other survivors, band together, or fight to the death, the game lets you decide what’s best for your family, but your actions could have grave consequences as you’re stranded in this nuclear wasteland.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a cuter game coming for 2016. What’s gonna beat a little red yarn
creature that fends of hamsters and swings around with loose threads? In a similar thread to Limbo, follow Yarny’s side scrolling puzzle adventure as he works his way through stunning scenery based on the lush environments of Scandinavia. As you go along, maybe you’ll learn the heart felt story of Yarny and his long lost family.

Beat up ninjas and look good doing it in the newest cell shaded fighting game for the Naruto series.
Cyberconnect is looking to put this game on a whole new scale, with a bigger cast, larger move set and even more preposterous animations. Cut an enemy in half as well as the mountain behind them if you really want to, ‘cause that’s the aim of the game. Don’t just win, win in style.


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