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Feb 9, 2016

Friday the 13th: The Game

Developer: Gun Media
Crystal Lake is now a semiopen- world location. Let the hunt begin.

What it is: the logical endpoint of the age-old horror watcher’s screams of, “Why aren’t you just running away?!” now you get to control the bong-huffer/stink-nerd/bikini girl/ muscle jock of slasher cliché, and run to your palpitating, soon-to-bee viscerated heart’s content. unless, that is, you’re in control of grotesque mummy’s boy himself Jason Voorhees. the premise is simple – it’s one Jason vs seven camp counselors. Voorhees has to stalk and dispatch the teens in any number of movie appropriate ways (slapping them against trees, say, like screaming fish), while the teens can either find means of escape alone, or work together to take Jason down. it’s a multiplayer deathmatch that just happens to use classic movie moments as mechanics.

Big Because? this isn’t just a game – it wants to be a worthy follow-up to the films. the game was originally a horror homage, Slasher vol 1: Summer camp, but when Jason creator Sean Cunningham saw the pitch, he offered something a little better. “We were fooling around with what started out as a Friday the 13th website,” says cunningham in an interview on the game’s kickstarter page, “and we said, ‘We’ve gotta have a game!’ it had all this stuff we wanted to use, and it took the experience to this new, big, ballsy level.” Summer Camp had already attracted tom Savini, harry manfredini and Kane Hodder – Friday the 13th effects artist, composer and Jason actor respectively – and Cunningham’s involvement on top of that elevates the game to something beyond a licensed tie-in. the aim is for it to feel like a new Friday the 13th film is being made every time you play – right down to ‘trailers’ – of  highlights being made in classic ’80s style at the end of every round.


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