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Mar 5, 2016

Best PC 2D Games in 2016

We’re going down, down…

This Metroid-y side-on platformer has been in the oven since 2013, and in that time it’s just kept on growing. Aside from the gorgeous pixelated style, which now has new dynamic particles, easily readable hit effects, and other such action-centric features, we’ve also got whiff of multiple new areas. While central character Daltyn will eventually come to plunge into the depths of a mysterious cavern near to a snowy mining town, he’ll also explore forests full of fungal fiends and a lore-filled outpost. Discord aims for the story to be of the “play it, don’t say it” variety, which sounds very Dark souls-ish to us. We’re in.

Thimbleweed Park
Click, click, click, click, boom

Monkey Island man Ron Gilbert hopes to grow his legacy with this Kickstarted, character-swapping point-and-click. The story weaves together a whole tangle of plot threads: there’s the cursed clown who can’t remove his makeup, the X-Files-inspired detectives investigating a murder, and one poor man who awakes to discover he’s dead. Gilbert’s favoured SCUMM system makes a return, offering nine methods of interaction (push, pull, use, etc.) with a given object. One example, which hints at the type humour you can expect, is ‘use balloon animal with corpse’. We’ll leave the results of that to your imagination.

South Park: the Fractured But Whole
Marvel at this DC-quel

Cartman cracks wise early on in the announcement trailer that the boys can’t rest on their laurels as “the combat sucked” in The Stick Of Truth, but series creatorsTrey Parker and Matt Stone surely know it wasn’t the fights that we came to that game for. As long as the jokes keep firing faster than Cartman munches through Cheesy Puffs, we’ll be chuffed. If the boys manage to skewer the conventions of superheroes as well as they did RPGs, The Fractured But Whole – never change South Park – could very well be 2016’s funniest game. That Tony Stark definitely needs taking down a peg or two.

Most Haunted meets Cash In The Attic

Ever wanted to get your hands on a mansion and live the rest of your life out in luxury? As its name suggests, Darkest Dungeon may give you the keys to your very own castle, but it does so in the knowledge that deep below its floorboards, the house of your dreams is actually infested with monsters that appear out of portals to who knows where. It’s your job, then, to explore the randomly generated dungeons in true roguelike fashion, and take them out. At least you’ve got a squad of heroes at your disposal, each with their own unique skills – including the newly revealed, shapeshifting Abomination.


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