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List of upcoming Denuvo games confirmed so far

Mirror Edge Catalyst
Mass Effect Andromeda
Titan Fall 2
Battlefield 5

Assasin Creed(2017)
For Honor
Watchdogs 2
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Square Enix
Deus ex Mankind Divided

That is 10 AAA games coming in the next monts/year with Denuvo. Not to mention many other big games like Mafia 3 Dishonored 2 Doom Sniper Elite 4 that while they have not confirmed to use Denuvo is stil something that might happen...... That Horrible!!


Jackine said...

Don't worry it will be Cracked soon ... people will wait but not gonna buy the game ! or if they do they gonna buy after some months pay they give a good discount

Peter Neal said...

there are so many good games coming out and out already but soon enough they will be cracked

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