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Jul 4, 2016

Valentino Rossi The Game PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 67/100 - Based on 3 Critics - Genre: Racing

73 - GamerKnights
"Like with Milestone’s Seb Loeb game, this element more than makes up for many of the other flaws and will automatically elevate the game into a ‘must buy’ for Rossi fans. Despite the somewhat confusing game title and terminology (the box art itself doesn’t help with various stickers and logos spread everywhere), Valentino Rossi also serves as Moto GP ’16. Therefore you get full access to all the official tracks, riders and bikes that you’d expect from a Milestone simulation, along with various options to create custom championships."
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70 - Gamereactor
Who is Valentino Rossi? That's a question a MotoGP fan would never ever find themselves asking. The legendary Italian phenomenon on two wheels has a massive seven world championship crowns at 500cc and titles at both 250cc and 125cc to go with that. Who better to mentor us as we put on the leather suit and head out onto the track to start our own career. Where the MotoGP games have been stuck in a rut for years, both in terms of the overall presentation and the physics it seems that things are moving in the right direction this time around.
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60 - Lazygamer
Every sport has a legend. A superstar who completely dominated on and off the field, track or ring. Boxing had Muhammed Ali, Formula 1 racing had Michael Schumacher and the Olympics had…shit, I don’t know? The Flash? I’m certain he’s real but whatever. Point is, none of these guys can compare to the success of Valentino Rossi. Easily the most dominant Italian on two wheels , Rossi is the legend of the MotoGP circuit, having claimed seven championships over the years.
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