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Aug 11, 2016

No Man's Sky - PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 67/100 - Based on 6 Critics

85 - Blot Gaming
No Man's Sky has finally been released! Are you interested in taking to the skies and exploring the Galaxy? Come and see if it's the game for you!
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80 - InsideGamer
No Man's Sky is a technical marvel. The universe with almost countless planets that are all very different and diverse (spaceships that you can have are otherwise just as random and diverse) are all superb. The game is not for everyone and looks more attractive than it plays. When in doubt, wait a few more months.

70 - wegotthiscovered
No Man's Sky isn't the "game to end all games" that some fans have made it out to be, but that's no cause for alarm. What Hello Games' ambitious project does offer is the chance to savor the little details in a massive universe absolutely rife with them — a messy universe, to be sure, but one that's not that different from our own in that regard.
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70 - Hey Poor Player
The game-buying crowd elevated No Man's Sky to the level of myth, but the truth is a bit more mundane: It's a survival game.
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50 - Falling Skies
No Man’s Sky effectively portrays the loneliness of space by providing so little for the player to do that it’s tempting to flush one’s self out of an airlock just to break the tedium.
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50 - CriticalHits
No Man's Sky is one of the most anticipated games of recent years. The love of the game players almost came when the game was revealed a few years ago, and after some delays and much, much hype, the game is here. Can he deliver what you promised? This is what we find today.


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