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Battlefield 1 PC Mini Review and Critic Scores

Flashy and pretty, but gets boring very quickly the graphics is so over the top you literally have trouble seeing the players, which encourages alot of campers most guns with drop you in 3 shots, or under 1 second, and shotgun is one shot kill. This game is like Battlefield 4 modded to look at WW1 era, the maps are very boring too wide open nothingness that makes you easy target for snipers and vehicles, or dense jungle and trenches where shotgun will one shot you.
Dont waste your money.
Our Rating: 30/100

Review Scores
Gaming Respawn - 95
GameCrate - 93
Game Informer - 93
Time - 90
Gamereactor - 90
Polygon - 90
IGN - 90
PCWorld - 90
CGM - 85
TheSixthAxis - 80


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